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Szechuan Cuisine

Fuqi Fei Pian

Fuqi Fei Pian is made of thinly sliced beef, bovine lung or tongue seasoned with chili oil. There is a romantic story of the origin of this famous Sichuan dish. Guo Zhaohua (the inventor) and his wife sold their acetarious (treated with vinegar) beef slices by trundling a small cart along the street. Their… More Info

Kung Pao Chicken

Spicy Diced Chicken is cooked by frying diced chicken, dry red pepper and golden peanuts. Spicy Diced Chicken is as popular among Westerners as Mapo Bean Curd. Kung pao chicken, known by most fans as a Sichuan dish, has a much-debated origin within China. One popular theory is that Ding Baozhen, a Qing… More Info
Continuing on the theme of Chinese dishes whose names have nothing to do with their ingredients, yu xiang tofu literally translates into “fish fragrant tofu.” Never mind the fact that there is no fish used in the preparation of this dish, the fish reference is due to the centuries-old method of Sichuan… More Info


Although various hotpot styles are enjoyed throughout China, the spiciest and tastiest hotpot comes from Chongqing. It’s tasty because there’s a layer of rendered beef fat in the kitchen-sink sized hotpot at the center of the table. Dried and fresh red chili peppers and 20 other herbs and… More Info
This spicy snack is beloved all over China and is made of sweet potato flour glass noodles stewed in a soup made of soybeans, chili paste, copious amounts of vinegar, and chili oil. Retrieved from: CNN… More Info
Literally translated as “saliva chicken,” because you’ll salivate when you even think about this dish. Sometimes Chinese dishes have weird names that don’t describe what the dish is made of and may actually turn off some unfamiliar diners — this is one of those dishes. Boiled chicken… More Info
Unlike the overseas Chinatown version, there is no peanut and/or sesame seed paste and sugar added to authentic dan dan noodles served in Chengdu. The true dan dan noodle dish is made with a blistering chili black bean paste, ground pork, a dollop of raw minced garlic and crunchy ground peanuts topped… More Info
This famous dish hails from Chengdu, where an old lady surnamed Chen cooked the spicy dish for travelers coming through the area. The dish is made with a spicy bean chili sauce, tofu and ground pork and a liberal sprinkling of the mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn that is a mainstay in Sichuan and Chongqnig… More Info