Noodles in Szechuan are a staple food that can be enjoyed on almost every street. Come for a taste with me at a famous noodle joint here in Chengdu.

I ordered 3 bowls:

1) The house minced pork noodles which were full of bean paste, sesame, chilies, and of course the freshest hot boiled noodles cooked to perfection. They had a strong sesame flavour which was really nice!

2) The specialty classic beef noodle soup, the 特使红烧牛肉面. It was a little spicy because this is Szechuan and wow it was nice!

3) The minced beef with red/green pepper noodles. These were SPICY, really SPICY! They were painfully enjoyable. Each bite got hotter and hotter and by the end of the bowl I was so happy but also in a lot of pain, and they also turned out to be my favourite in the end, winning over the sesame flavoured noodles.

4) I also ordered a bowl of steamed egg custard, and the fenzhengrou (Steamed spicy pork in rice flour) which were both really nice, the steamed egg custard was particularly smooth and enjoyable.

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