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Zest Szechuan

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In the USA, where there are Chinese there will be Chinese restaurants. Extensive coverage of Chinese restaurants around the nation attests to the significant role of Chinese food in American food culture. Today, we will visit a Chinese restaurant in New York that offers traditional Chinese food —”Zest Szechuan”.

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More than 150 authentic Szechuan cuisines to indulge your craving for tasty Chinese traditional dishes.

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The love for spicy food has gained enormous attention around the world, and the Szechuan Cuisine is like a rising star, being one of the most respected cuisines in the global culinary industry. ZEST serves as a connecting bridge between Sichuan’s local streets and New York City. At ZEST, we use the best quality ingredients to serve the most astonishing food you never thought was possible.

Zest established in 2016 in the heart of this beautiful city, NYC. We want to introduce the most mouth watering, most trendy and modernized Szechuan platters to this city, hence we are constantly in search of the newest creations through the streets of Sichuan, China, so we can bring you the most up to date tastes.

Zest Szechuan welcomes everyone, whether locals or travelers, to step inside and join us on an trip to explore the taste of Authentic Sichuan.


  • Zest Szechuan

    Zest Szechuan

    540 reviews
  • Therese T.

    Therese T.

    I visited Szechuan about two years ago and this restaurant brought me back to that amazing experience. Although some dishes were clearly more American adjusted (the chicken and eggplant for example), I felt the majority of dishes retained a level of authenticity. The mapo tofu had the flavor of mala, however was not as spicy as a typical Szechuan dish would be. We also got a fish dish that was amazing. It was light tender pieces of boneless fish in a delicious sauce with jalepeños on top if you wanted some extra spice. The dan dan mien and xiao long baos were great appetizers and side dishes and the braised pork belly was a table favorite too! I would definitely go back and am glad we tried this new place. The exterior is somewhat deceiving in the sense that you might walk by it without much thought, but the food left us happy and so full that we couldn't even make it to get boba after!
  • Henry W.

    Henry W.

    One of my favorite Szechuan restaurants! Authentic flavors and a great menu that spans many classic styles of Szechuan cooking

    Every time we go, we see multiple tables ordering one eye-catching dish: the baked fish. We tried it out of curiosity, and it's now our must-order when we go!
  • Mandy D.

    Mandy D.

    Cute restaurant ! Loved the fried rice and sesame chicken. Didn't care for the cold sesame noodles to much I've had better but Quick service . Would go back again for their other dishes.
  • George Y.

    George Y.

    It's really good. Everything we had were so well made. The environment is good too. Good space layout and very clean. Good service too. Will highly recommend to Yelpers
  • Jody T.

    Jody T.

    The food was amazing. Had several items: soup dumplings, crispy pepper chicken, scallion pancakes all stood out as super good. The Szechuan peppers make your mouth fizz. Feeling is amplified by drinks, especially carbonated beverages. 10/10, would go back.
  • Waheda I.

    Waheda I.

    I really came here to try the hotpot. The pot is pretty big. You get a free order of noodles of you check in on Yelp. Being that I was fasting, I had a rather small appetite.

    I loved how sweet and nice the staff was. One time the waiter came by and asked if we wanted extra plates, I didn't understand why. Me and my friend already had separate plates. It's because of the oil that accumulates on your plate. Makes it too hot. So you can switch out plates periodically to avoid burning your mouth. Another time I asked for a spoon and the waiter brought out 3 different types of spoons because he didn't know which one I wanted. The waitstaff is so sweet and friendly, I swear I felt like family. They would stop by asking if everything was okay. Very polite and helpful.

    At the end of the meal you get orange slices. EVERY CHINESE RESTAURANT SHOULD ADOPT THIS PRACTICE. The sweetness from the orange cuts the spice from the food. It really helps soothe your mouth. The food wasn't so spicy that I couldn't enjoy the food. Really loved everything here. Definitely one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in NY. I will be back very soon.
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